Welcome To Our Yoga Studio

The best yoga studio in town. Offering both hot yoga classes & regular non heated classes.

Organic Gifts, Massage Therapy, Reiki and more.

Located on Rt.69 in Prospect in the Vet plaza (next to big dipper) 

Our Classes 

We offer classes for everyone from the never taken class before& I don't know what to expect, to the advanced yogi. 

We also offer private lessons for those who are interested. An option many take prior to taking classes, have a small group interest or just prefer 

the benefits of 1-1.

All of our classes can be taken by anyone any level. Our certified instructors will modify to maintain the best practice for you.


Perfect introduction that provides a basic foundation to yoga & offers the variety 

for more advanced students to challenge themselves.


You will be lead from basic postures flowing into more advanced postures. 

Slow light and fluid.


Dynamic & more challenging your focus will be more on breath and movement. A more vigorous practice that depends balance, release, and strength 


Same as power yoga but with approx 90+ degrees of heat! Be ready to breathe,sweat and feel amazing.


Slow paced with postures held for longer periods of time. Targets connective tissue bringing light and awareness.

yoga class cards not apply.

Cardio Craze 

Mon, Tues, & Fri 30 min 2 days of circuit 1 day of high intensity intervals.

$5 a class or $40 a month this builds strength & burns!  

yoga class cards not apply.

Try Our Products and Services 

Beyond yoga we offer a market place of organic gifts and products. Gifts such as lotus tea light essential oil burners, essential oils, organic soaps, lip balms and lotions. 

Himalayan salt lamps which have a variety of healing qualities and benefits to gain

 by having in your home and office. 

We have 3 licensed massage therapists who book by appointment 7 days a week.

We offer Reiki, social learning events to better your overall well being and much more.